50 Things Kids Won't Do Because of Technology

  1. Visit a travel agent's office.
  2. Record programs using a VCR.
  3. Dial 411 to find out someone's number.
  4. Use public phones.
  5. Book tickets for events over the phone.
  6. Print photographs.
  7. Put a classified ad in a store window.
  8. Call the 24 hour operator to get the exact time.
  9. Carry portable cassette or CD players.
  10. Handwritten letters.
  11. Disposable cameras.
  12. Change for pay phones.
  13. Make mix tapes.
  14. Pay bills at the post office.
  15. Use an address book.
  16. Check a map before going on a trip or vacation.
  17. Use a payphone to make a collect call.
  18. Go into the bank to conduct business.
  19. Buy TV listings.
  20. Own an encyclopedia.
  21. Renew car registration by going to the DMV.
  22. Develop and send off film for photographs.
  23. Read a hard copy of the Yellow Pages.
  24. Look something up in a dictionary.
  25. Remember phone numbers.
  26. Watch movies on VCR or DVD.
  27. Have pen pals by writing letters.
  28. Use a telephone book.
  29. Use pagers.
  30. Fax documents.
  31. By CD's or have a CD collection.
  32. Pay by paper check.
  33. Make a photo album.
  34. Watch TV shows at the time they are shown.
  35. Warm drinks on the stove.
  36. Dial *69 to find out who called you last.
  37. Try on shoes at the mall.
  38. Hand wash clothes.
  39. Advertise in newspapers.
  40. Send love letters.
  41. Hand-write essays and school work.
  42. Buy flowers from a florist.
  43. Use a dictionary to find out how to spell something.
  44. Keep a personal diary.
  45. Send post cards.
  46. Buy newspapers.
  47. Hang laundry out to dry on a clothesline.
  48. Keep printed bills or bank statements.
  49. Visit yard sales and flea markets.
  50. Buy paper magazines.
*List proved by OnePoll surveys.