6 Tips That Will Make You a Better Large Group Communicator to Kids

Do you want to improve your large group communication skills with kids?  Here's 6 tips that will help you grab kids' attention and effectively share God's Word with them.

Use the volume of your voice.
Don't talk monotone.  Vary between loud...soft...medium...whispering...shouting.

Involve the kids.
Have them make sound effects...make a motion every time you say a certain word...repeat key phrases to their neighbor...act out the Bible story as you tell it.

Tell stories.
We are wired to love stories.  80% of the Bible is stories.  Jesus was the master storyteller.  Use stories...lots of them.  It's a guaranteed way to connect with kids. 

Change the speed of your voice.  
Vary the speed.  Talk fast...slow...pause between words...use normal speed.  When you change your speed, it resets kids' attention spans. 

Be animated.  
Don't just stand there.  Move.  Use your arms and hands to visually describe what you're talking about.  Get excited about what you're teaching and show it through your body language.

Target the oldest child in the room. 
Cool rolls downhill.  Aim your teaching level at the oldest child in the room.  An example.  If you're teaching 3-5th graders, let your target be the 5th grade boy.  If you connect with him, all of the kids will think it's cool and engage.

What other tips do you have for teaching kids?  Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment section below.