5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry is a marathon...not a sprint.  In a marathon, it's pretty easy to be motivated for the first mile or so.  But with each passing mile, you have to be more intentional about staying motivated.  It's in mile 18...20...23...24...25...26  that you need the most motivation.

So how do you stay motivated in Children's Ministry for the long haul?  How do you keep your passion and dedication fresh and new?

Prayer.  Nothing will keep you motivated like spending time with Jesus.  When you feel your motivation waning, (which we all do at times) get alone with Jesus.  His presence will fill your motivation tank up.

Pause.  Many times our motivation wanes due to physical or mental tiredness.  Take time to pause and rest.  Pulling away for rest will renew your motivation.  You'll come back ready to conquer the world.

Praise.  When you get discouraged, you'll find your motivation dipping.  When that happens, start praising God for His blessings.  Think about all the good things He has given you.  Dwell on the victories.  I have a folder where I keep cards, notes, letters, and stories from people God has helped through my ministry.  When I get discouraged, I pull out that folder, start reading, and begin praising God.  It doesn't take long before my motivation returns. 

Positive people.  If you want to stay motivated, surround yourself with people who are motivated.  Negative people will slowly drain your motivation.  Be kind to them, but don't spend much time with them.  Your motivation level is directly tied to the motivation level of the people you spend the most time with.

Purpose.  Your ultimate motivation must come from the purpose God has for your life.  His calling on your life is what will keep you motivated through the ups and downs...the good times and the bad times...the happy times and the sad times.  Always remember why you are doing what you are doing.  It's the call God has placed on your life.

What are some other ways you stay motivated?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.