Are You a Tweak Head?

Tweak Head: someone who consistently looks for ways to "tweak" or improve their ministry. 

Don't consider yourself a tweak head?  No worries...anyone can do it.  It just takes intentionality.  Here's some tips on how to be a tweak head.
  • Don't get comfortable.  It's easy to hit "cruise control."  Things are going okay.  No major issues.  The only problem...where you are today won't suffice for where you need to be six months from now. 
  • Evaluate everything you are doing every year.  How can you tweak it to make it better?  What needs to be added?  What should be changed or dropped?
  • Sit down after every event and tweak it.  What worked well?  What didn't work well?  What was broke?  What was confusing?  What can we add to improve it? 
  • Keep a tweak list.  Each week, walk around your ministry and look for things that need to be tweaked.  Keep a list.
Just think...if you tweak one thing a week...a year from now your ministry will be 52 times better!