Review & Bible Giveaway

The Adventure Bible (NIV) is a great Bible to get kids excited about God's Word.  And now it is complimented with online resources at

The site provides over 700 free resources for educators of kids ages 9-12.  Resources include, crosswords, word searches, children sermons / activity sheets, illustrations which can be also used as coloring pages, printable Scripture memory flash cards, timelines, maps, fill-in-the blanks, and much more.

The site also features online games that will help kids learn Biblical truth and memorize key scripture. 

I am very impressed with the content and layout of the site.  The quality is excellent and will help you connect today's high-tech, digital kids with God's Word in a fresh, new way.  What a great tool to put in the hands of the parents in your ministry.  There is even an iPad and iPhone app parents can use to help their kids memorize scripture.

Check out the site and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

We are also giving away an Adventure Bible.
You can enter by emailing me at  The winner will be announced next Monday, May 20.