Jun 19, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Visual Communication with Kids

Visual information has increased.
  • 4000% in literature since 1990
  • 9900% on the internet since 2007
  • 142% in newspapers
Kids are visually wired.
  • 50% of their brain is involved in visual processing
  • 70% of all their sensory receptors are in their eyes
  • they get the sense of a visual scene in 1/10th of a second
It only takes 150ms for an image to be processed and 100ms to attach a meaning to it.

Kids suffer from information overload.
  • kids today receive 5x more information than kids in 1986 did
  • they consume 34 gigabytes or 100,500 words outside of school each day
  • they only read 28% of the words when visiting a website
Visual communication is more engaging.
  • color visuals increase the willingness to read by 80%
Visual communication increases comprehension.
  • text only is 70%
  • text with pictures is 95%
Kids follow directions with text and visuals 323% better than directions with just text.

67% of kids are persuaded by speakers who use words and visuals vs. 50% who only use words.

Visual communication is easier to recall.
  • kids remember 10% of what they hear.
  • kids remember 20% of what they read.
  • kids remember 80% of what they see and do.
Visual communication is fun for kids.


Yes! I'm going to refer to this every time someone asks me why I think visual media is so important in kids church!

I do believe there needs to be balance between what happens on screen and what happens in the room, but too many people use the either/or approach. I think that leveraging media usage at church can create an engaging environment that can decrease discipline problems and rise above any distractions in the room.

Thanks, Dale. You're the man.

Thanks for the data to back up what I.have been doing for 20 years. Visuals work.

I'm new to your site, but love it already!

Great to hear from you Jen. 20 years...that's awesome. Thank you for your faithfulness to love kids and families. Let's keep in touch. Would enjoy hearing more about your ministry.

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