Jun 18, 2013

12 Ways to Get Kids to Pay Attention

Ask them to repeat what you just said.

Show a short video.

Have them get up and move.

Have them make something related to the lesson.

Remove distractions.

Place kids in groups and let them talk about a question.

Let them make up the classroom rules.

Play a game.

Create an incentive or reward for listening.

Take them outside of the classroom to a different location for a change.

Let them help teach the lesson.

Have a motion or signal they repeat after you.

Usually if the kids are bored it's because the teacher is boring.  Engaged students pay attention.

What are some other things you do to help kids pay attention?  Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.


I learned this at a conference, & tweaked it a bit to work with the way I teach:
Before the lesson begins, I tell the kids that I have 2 "Buzz Words," they are words that may come up during the teaching. When they hear these buzz words, they have to jump up & do a sort of motion. (Example was a word one week & they had to jump up & make an "X" with their arms) the first few kids I see that jump up & do the correct motion, I toss some candy their way. Usually I use the words in the beginning of the lesson, quite a bit to get them hooked, then taper it off during the later teaching. It will get to the point that if the word is in a scripture we are going over, they will yell it out or jump & do the motion, before I say the word, in anticipation. Then I don't have to give em candy because they said the word, not I. They love it & stay engaged the entire lesson, focusing on what is being said, in order to receive that reward. I do not do it every week, because it's best to mix it up.

I intertwine video, live skits, object lessons, & games, throughout the teaching, so that each part is no more than 5-7 minutes long, (with videos or skits maxing at 3-4) this helps keep their attention as things are changing or transitioning pretty rapidly. They stay engaged when it sin't always the same.

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