4 Negative Side Effects Technology is Having on Children

Edudemic recently reported 4 negative side effects technology is having on children.

The positives and advancements technology has brought is astounding.

But Edudemic makes the point that there is always two sides to everything.  Technology has also influenced children in adverse manners.  Here's the top 4 ways overuse of technology can have a negative influence on children.

1. Elevated Exasperation
When children are constantly engaging in the internet, games or texting, it can lead to easy frustration.  They can get frustrated whenever they are asked to do something while playing games or using the internet.  For instance, when their parents ask them to take the trash out, they can get furious instantly.  This obviously affects parent-child relationships.

2. Deteriorated Patience.
Patience is a key virtue.  It is a necessity when facing the hardships of life.  According to studies, patience in children is increasingly vanishing due to the improper use of technology.  For example, children get very impatient when they surf internet and the page they want to view takes time to load.

3. Declining Writing Skills.
Due to the excessive usage of online chatting and shortcuts, the writing skills of today’s children have declined.

4. Lack of Physical Interactivity.
While technology has brought a host of new ways to interact with others, at the same time it has affected the physical interaction skills of many children.  Many don’t know how to interact with others in-person or what proper body language to use.

Yes, technology is a necessity to flourish in a day of rapid advancements.  But at the same time, we must guard children against it's negative side effects.

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