Jul 12, 2013

New Study Shows Parents Use Tech Gadgets to Babysit Their Kids

A recent report says that 58% of parents use a tech gadget to "babysit" or occupy their child.

On average, parents say they employ this method of child care twice a week.

25% of parents say that whether they use the gadgets as makeshift babysitters depends on the situation.

Travel, boredom and family functions are the most common times when parents use a smartphone, tablet or handheld game console to keep their children busy and entertained.

27% say they supervise their children while they are using technology.  15% of parents say they never resort to technology to babysit their kids.  About half of those parents say it's because they don't want their kids to watch, play or buy inappropriate games or programs.

The majority of parents think it's fine since they grew up playing Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Pac Man.

What do you think?
Should parents use technology to occupy some of their child's time?
If you are a parent, do you use technology to occupy some of your child's time? 
What are the pros and cons?
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As the parent of a 5 year old, I have to say that I think the iphone and iPad are the greatest inventions ever. Yes I will let her play with my phone or ipad in the car, while waiting places, etc. 75% of what she does on the phone is educational. Do I consider it babysitting? No, why is that different than asking her to play in her room, or giving her a coloring book and colors at the table. This is 2013 and technology is moving faster than we can keep up.

I'm part of an international team, working to create a virtual world, using the Bible to help children (aged 8-11) to grow in their faith. The statistics quoted in this article are similar to many studies: children spend a significant part of their lives online. The technology itself is neutral: it's what we DO with it that counts.
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maggie, from the Project CUBE team

Who carried out this research? Source/Sample size please?...

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