10 Lies Children's Ministry Leaders Believe

Here are 10 lies that children's ministry leaders believe at times.  I know by experience.  There have been times I've believed them.  Even to this day, I occasionally hear them whispered in my ear.

"Deeper" primarily means more head knowledge.
It's important for kids to know what the Bible says, but it's also just as important for kids to live what the Bible says.

Knowledge without life transformation leads to lifeless, passionless Christianity.  If you want to take kids deeper, challenge them to live out what you teach them.  

People don't want to serve.
People want to serve...if they can be part of something bigger than themselves.  People are drawn to vision not desperation.  If the majority of people say "no" when you ask them to serve, then take a hard look at how you are asking.  The problem may be "how" you are asking them to serve.

People will follow me because I am the Children's Leader.

People don't follow a title.  They follow someone they love and respect.  And this takes time.  Be a servant leader and invest in your volunteers.  Get some change in your pocket and over time, they will be drawn to your leadership.

A full calendar is an effective calendar.

The goal is not to be busy, but to be effective.  Less is more.  Don't fall into the trap of programming families to death.  You'll burn them and yourself out.

It's easier to do it myself than it is to train others to do it.

It might be easier at first, but in the long run it's not best.  You'll put a lid on your ministry by doing everything yourself.  Your job is to train volunteer leaders to do the work of the ministry.

My ministry is not as important as so and so's.

Don't listen to the comparison lie.  God designed a course just for you.  No one can run it but you.  He wants to bless you and your ministry, not a copy of someone else.

I can't afford to take my day off...I'm too busy and have too much to do.
Listening to this lie will take you down the road to burnout.  You can't afford NOT to take your day off.  Remember this is a marathon...not a sprint.  You'll get more done when you take your day off and stay refreshed rather than working on your day off and being tired from it.

What I do is not as important as what the student pastor or senior pastor does.
What you are doing is not "childcare."  You are ministering at the most critical time in a person's life.  You are ministering in the greatest harvest field...the hearts of children.  You're in good company.  Children's Ministry was a priority for Jesus.
The kids aren't getting it.  I'm not making a difference.
Yes, you are.  And yes...they are getting it.  Even when you don't think they are.  You'll see some fruit now, but you'll especially see it years from now when they are grown up and thank you for the impact you made in their lives. 

What I do on the weekends is more important than what parents do during the week. 
Sorry.  Don't mean to hurt your feelings...but no, it's not.  No one has more influence in a child's life than his or her parents.  If you really want to impact kid's lives, then equip their parents to lead them spiritually.

Your turn.  What are some other lies children's leaders believe?

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