Parent's Expectations About Safety at Church (and how to meet them)

It's been more than eight months since 26 teachers and children were murdered in Newtown, Conn.

But parents appear to be no more at ease than they were immediately after the incident. 

33% of K-12 parents say they fear for their child's safety at school, unchanged from last December.

Here's the results of a recent Gallup poll.

Parents have the same safety expectations when their children are at church.  This means that churches that meet parent's safety concerns will attract families.

Do you want to reach more families and see your children's ministry grow?  Then make safety and security a top priority.

Here's some ways to improve safety and security...
  • Have a police officer present in the children's area during services and events.
  • In addition to a police officer, have a volunteer safety and security team that is present during services and events.
  • Once the service begins, lock the doors of the children's areas. 
  • Limit your access points into the children's areas.
  • Have an evacuation plan in place.
  • Only allow approved people in your children's areas.
  • Have a check-in and check-out security system in place. 
Okay, your turn.  What are some other ways to increase the safety and security of our children's ministries?