How to Gain Confidence in Children's Ministry (And Show It)

Confidence is David facing Goliath.

Confidence is Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego looking into a fiery furnace.

Confidence is Peter stepping out of the boat.

Confidence is Paul sharing his faith with King Agrippa.

Confidence is Esther walking into the king's court. courage at ease. knowing God is in control. faith that leads to achievement. something that will help you lead well in Children's Ministry.

People will gravitate to and follow someone who is confident.  Not cocky...but confident.  Not arrogant...but confident.  Not prideful...but confident.  There is a difference.

Do you have confidence?  Do you want to improve your confidence?  Here's some ways to gain confidence and show it as a children's ministry leader. 

Spend time with Jesus.  Ultimately your confidence must emanate from your personal relationship with Christ.

Depend on God...completely.  This leads to Godfidence.  Which is the best form of confidence.

Know your strengths and use them.  When you are operating in your sweet spot, you will naturally feel more confident.

Take care of yourself physically.  Exercise and eat right.  When you are healthy and in shape, it gives you confidence.

Walk straight and tall with your head held high.  Your body language is key in communicating confidence.

When you make eye contact with parents and kids, always smile.  Smiling shows confidence.

Use good posture when you sit.  Don't slouch.  Sit with your back straight. 

Learn to maintain eye contact when talking with someone.  Look directly into the eyes of the person.

Have a "can do" attitude.  A positive attitude speaks confidence. 

Take the initiative and introduce yourself to people.  When you walk into a room, be friendly and greet people instead of waiting to be greeted.

Dress sharp.  Your clothes do make a difference.  This doesn't mean your clothes have to be expensive, but it does mean you dress your best.

Always sit up front in meetings, services, etc.  Confident leaders gravitate to the front of the room.

Remind yourself of your successes instead of dwelling on your failures.  Make a list of your successes.  This is not to brag to others, but to remember that God is with you. 

Don't compare yourself to others.  God did not create you to be copy of someone else.  He created you to be you.  Confidence comes when you know who you are in Christ.

Know God's calling and purpose for your life.  When you know you are living out God's plan and purpose for your life, it instills a deep, abiding sense of confidence.

Prepare...prepare...prepare.  Walking into something prepared helps you walk in with confidence.
Practice makes perfect?  No...but it does make you confident.

Your turn.  What gives you confidence?