You Matter to Children's Ministry

Have you ever had a day when you wondered if you matter?

These kind of thoughts...

"Is my life really making a difference?"

"Does anyone really care about my ministry?"

"If I dropped out of children's ministry, would anyone even notice?"

If you have, you're not alone.  I have too.

Today's thought is not a "how to" or "7 steps that will" or "have you seen the latest."

As I write this, I am looking across the table at you.  And I simply want to tell you one thing.  You matter.

You matter to God.

You matter to children.

You matter to families.

You matter to your church.

You matter to the people you serve with.

You matter to your city.

You matter to me and everyone else who serves in children's ministry.

Please finish the race God called you to.

You are making a difference.