Do You Know the 6 Ways You Can Use Technology to Connect with Parents?

If you want to connect with the parents in your ministry, then technology is your friend.

Here's 6 proven methods you can use to connect with the parents in your ministry through technology.

Twitter.  Create a Twitter account for your children's ministry.  It's a great way to convey a message or interface with parents. 

Facebook.  Start a parent facebook page.   Here's more info. on that.

Text.  Did you know that 98% of text messages get read.  We use text each week to communicate with parents about their child's lesson at church.   Here's more info. on that.

Email.  It may be old technology, but it still works.  Build a list of parent's emails and then use it to send an email with a link to registration for events, a parenting video, upcoming events, and more.

Pinterest.  Create a pinterest page for your ministry.  Post parenting ideas, Bible story reviews, and more.

Mobile app.  You can have your own custom app made for your ministry through companies like Roar.  This is a great way to stay connected with families in your ministry while providing them with a tool to disciple their child.

What other ways can we use technology to connect with parents?  Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.