Oct 10, 2013

20 Easy Ways to Increase Volunteer Teamwork

  • Acknowledge each other's strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Engage in conversation that leads to great communication.
  • Correct in private.
  • Be open to other people's ways of achieving goals.
  • Resolve disputes quickly.  Go directly to the offender and address the issue.
  • Discuss new ideas frequently.
  • Suggest solutions instead of complaining.
  • Ask for feedback.  
  • Offer feedback after you are asked to give it.
  • Help each other succeed.
  • Compliment each others successes.
  • Share the limelight.
  • Learn to relax. 
  • Have a party and celebrate.
  • Get to know one another.
  • Be prepared to scrap ideas that aren't working.
  • Forgive one another when mistakes are made.
  • Keep in close contact with each other.
  • Designate roles.
  • Listen to words....spoken and unspoken.


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