20 Signs Your Children's Ministry Facility Needs a Makeover

The carpet is the original carpet...and the building is over 50 years old.

Stain-glassed windows.

The brightest thing in the room is the teacher's hair bow.

Beige metal folding chairs.  Nuff said about that.

Bulletin boards that look like they were stolen from a school classroom.

You can hear the adult Bible study classes above you because you're stuck in the basement.

Wood paneling that was put up in 1967.

Kids who are first-time guests are frightened because they think they're in a hospital.

Your nursery cribs are in compliance with all safety regulations...before 1955.

You have theming on the walls that was hand-painted by someone in your church who is obviously not a professional artist.

An overhead projector with a transparency that says "Father Abraham" is the best technology in the room.

There's a flannel-graph board sitting in a prominent place.

The only way guests can find your children's area is by following the smell of dirty diapers.

The ceiling tiles have so many water stain spots that it takes an hour to count them.

The paint on the walls is so old that it has been in style...3 times.

You wouldn't know it was the children's area unless someone told you.

Your congregation primarily consists of people over the age of 60.

Your preschool toys consist of a Curious George pop out of the box, Weeble Wobbles, Fisher Price little people family farm that says "moo" when you open the barn door, corn popper push toy, Fisher Price little people school bus, a Stretch Armstrong, and a Cabbage Patch doll that's missing half it's hair.

There are Bibleman VHS tapes on the shelves.

Kids eyes don't light up when they walk in.

If this is you and you're ready for a makeover, I recommend...


Money spent enhancing your children's ministry area is one of the best investments your church will ever make.