Want to Be a Better Coach for Your Volunteers? (Use This Method)

As a Children's Ministry Leader you are a coach.  Your job is to coach your volunteers and bring out the best in them.

An effective coach meets people where they are and takes them where they need to be.

As you coach your volunteers, you can help them develop, if you understand how they learn best and adjust your methods accordingly.

Some of your volunteers learn best by shadowing someone else, some learn best by debriefs, some learn best through goal setting.

Others may grow best through analytical thinking and others through quite practice by themselves.

If you want to be a better coach for your volunteers, then ask each of them how they learn best and use their preferred learning style to help them develop.

When you do this you will connect with your volunteers on a deeper level and see their growth accelerate.  You will also see them become more motivated to grow and learn.

Learning styles don't just apply to kids, but to adults as well.