3 Simple Ways to Get More Done

Want to get more done?  Here's three simple steps that will increase your productivity. 

Pick up the phone instead of sending an email. 
If the email is more than a short paragraph, it needs to be a quick phone call instead.  Stop writing email "books" and take care of it with a quick phone call.

Eliminate some meetings. 
Don't meet just to meet.  When you do meet, don't spend half your time "shooting the breeze."  Take care of business and dismiss.

Spend your time on big impact items.
The bigger the impact, the more time you want to spend on it.  The less the impact, the less time you want to spend on it.

Pour your time into the things that will produce the biggest results.  Small details matter, but delegate them to others.

Remember the goal is not to be busy...but to be effective.  They're not the same thing.

Your turn.  What are some other simple ways to get more done?  Share with us in the comment section below.