Why You Should Ask Your Volunteers If They're Happy

Happy volunteers last.

How do you know if they're happy?


Ask them when they join your team and you're helping them find their place of service.
  • Ask them what their passion is?
  • Ask them to take a personality test.
  • Ask them to take a spiritual gifts test.
  • Ask them what their "dream job" is in children's ministry?
Ask them one month after they start serving if they're happy in their role.
  • If they're not, then help them try another role.
  • The goal is to help them find their sweet spot.  A volunteer in his or her sweet spot is a happy volunteer.
Ask them each year if they're still happy with their role.  
  • Ever been stuck in a job with no opportunity to be promoted?  You realize there's more inside you.  You become restless and unhappy over time. 
  • Your volunteers are the same way.  They want to be challenged.  Pour into them.  Invest in them and help them grow as ministry leaders.
  • Give them the opportunity to take on more responsibility If they feel they're stuck in a ministry rut, they will begin to lose interest.
If you don't ask them if they're happy, most of the time they won't tell you...until it's too late.  It will be when they're quitting.

Be proactive.  Know the pulse rate of your volunteer's happiness.