A Disney Legend Shares Great Ideas for Your Children's Ministry (Pt.1)

I just finished Marty Sklar's book "Dream It! Do It!"  Marty spent over 50 years as a creative director for Disney.

His book is filled with great insights and ideas you can use in your Children's Ministry.  This week I'll be sharing them with you.  Enjoy day 1.
  • There are two ways to look at a blank piece of paper.  It can be the most frightening thing in the world, because you have to make the first mark on it.  Or it can be the greatest opportunity in the world because you get to make the first mark - you can let your imagination fly in any direction and create whole new worlds.
  • Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.  We're always exploring and experimenting.
  • It takes courage to accomplish things.
  • When we go into a new project, we believe in it all the way.
  • One of Walt's strengths was that he let the talent always know he cared for them.
  • Walt had a way of seeing a little bit beyond what you had done.  He would say, "That's kind of interesting.  What if..." and you would leave the room more inspired than when you came in.  That's leadership.
  • Walt emphasized the team concept by his own actions.  Everyone was equal in a story meeting - He just rolled up his sleeves and he was one of the group.
  • Walt's genius was his ability to plus an idea.
  • Colors play an important role in a guest's experience.
  • Disney makes many mistakes.  Who doesn't?  But when he flies, he flies.
  • Guests taught Walt and his staff many lessons. 
  • Mediocrity will stunt anyone's career growth.
  • Walt never hesitated to interweave age and experience with youth and exuberance.
  • Disneyland was designed to have family appeal.
  • Disney always had one foot in the past, because he loved the nostalgic, and one foot in the future.  He was constantly seeking and integrating new technologies that improved what he did. 
  • We made sure we watched the faces of our guests. 
  • We didn't think small. 
  • Create great stories...present them in unique ways...make it entertaining and fun. 
  • It's not a "I" business...it's a "we" business.  So many hands touch a project that no one can say "I did this." 
  • The most important thing that goes into creative success is having people who can come up with the great ideas.  But the next most important thing is often overlooked: having people who will enable those great ideas and support those creative people. 
  • Imagineers are driven by the success of the project rather than their ego, stature, and future contract negotiations.
Join us tomorrow for more ideas and inspiration for your children's ministry from Disney.