A Disney Legend Shares Great Ideas for Your Children's Ministry (Pt.2)

I just finished Marty Sklar's book "Dream It! Do It!"  Marty spent over 50 years as a creative director for Disney.

His book is filled with great insights and ideas you can use in your Children's Ministry.  This week I'm sharing them with you.  Welcome to Day 2.

Marty created "Mickey's Ten Commandments."

1. Know your audience.  Identify the prime audience for your attraction or show before you begin design.

2. Wear your guest's shoes.  Insist that your team members experience your creation just the way guests do.

3. Organize the flow of people and ideas.  Make sure there is a logic and sequence in your stories and in the way guests experience them.

4. Create a visual magnet.  Create visual "targets" that will lead guests clearly and logically through your facility.

5. Communicate with visual literacy.  Make good use of color, shape, form, texture - all the nonverbal ways of communication.

6. Avoid overload - create turn-ons.  Resist the temptation to overload your audience with too much information and too many objects.

7. Tell one story at a time.  Stick to the story line; good stories are clear, logical, and consistent.

8. Avoid contradictions - maintain identity.  Details in design or content that contradict one another confuse an audience about your story or the time period it takes place in.

9. For every once of treatment, provide a ton of treat.  You can educate people - but don't tell them you're doing it!  Make it fun!

10. Keep it up!  Maintain it.  Everything must work.  Poor maintenance is poor show!

Join us tomorrow for more ideas and inspiration from Disney.