A Disney Legend Shares Great Ideas for Your Children's Ministry (Pt.3)

I just finished Marty Sklar's book "Dream It! Do It!"  Marty spent over 50 years as a creative director for Disney.

His book is filled with great insights and ideas you can use in your Children's Ministry.  This week I'm sharing them with you.  Welcome to Day 3.

Leadership Lessons from Mickey
1. Create and maintain a climate of trust.

2. Be responsive and make decisions - that's what leaders do!

3. Empower your teammates - it takes many hands to bake a success.

4. Create opportunities for new birds to fly.

5. Remember: experience is not a negative.

6. Make sure yours is not the only voice you are listening to.

7. Celebrate diversity and different points of view.

8. Never rest on your laurels - the next at-bat is your most important.

9. Take a chance - support risk-taking.

10. Provide plenty of blank paper.

Join us tomorrow for more ideas and inspiration from Disney.