A Disney Legend Shares Great Ideas for Your Children's Ministry (Pt.4)

I just finished Marty Sklar's book "Dream It! Do It!"  Marty spent over 50 years as a creative director for Disney.

His book is filled with great insights and ideas you can use in your Children's Ministry.  This week I'm sharing them with you.  Welcome to Day 4.

More Leadership Lessons from Mickey
1. Be optimistic - if you are not positive, who else will be?

2. Courage and confidence are major cross streets on the road to success.

3. Make curiosity your search engine.

4. Learn to love your next assignment - be passionate about whatever you do.

5. Provide time to explore - but deadlines are great motivation and discipline.

6. Take time to teach - mentors are mensches.

7. Forget the politics - it's not an election!

8. Traditions are important - but change is the great dynamic.

9. Team and work are four-letter words - but together they spell "winner."

10. Remember: the last three letters of trend are E-N-D.

Join us tomorrow for more ideas and inspiration from Disney.