A Disney Legend Shares Great Ideas for Your Children's Ministry (Pt.5)

I just finished Marty Sklar's book "Dream It! Do It!"  Marty spent over 50 years as a creative director for Disney.

His book is filled with great insights and ideas you can use in your Children's Ministry.  This week I'm sharing them with you.  Welcome to Day 5.

Followership - How to be a great team player and help your leaders succeed
1. Speak up!  Great teammates raise issues before decisions are made.

2. Never be afraid to ask questions.  That's how we learn our parts - onstage and backstage.

3. Make your experience count (that's why you're on the team).

4. Help the rookies succeed - you were "new" once, too.

5. Understand your role - everyone has a job to do.

6. Never fear failure - winners sometimes fail, too.

7. But - know when to take a chance (and always let your leaders know you're doing it).

8. Play by the rules.  If you disagree, work to change them after the game.

9. Share the joy of success - you didn't do it by yourself.

10. Support your teammates - at Disney, there's only one name on the door.