Great Check-in Software with Free Demo

A secure and efficient check-in process has become a key part of successful Children's Ministry.  One of parent's top concerns when they visit your church is the safety and security of their child.

The Roll Call check-in system is a great solution. 

It runs on a Mac or PC locally on your network.  This is great for mobile churches that don’t have internet access.

The pricing is very affordable.  It's a one-time license fee for the software and is based on your church size.  You can get more pricing information at this link.

Flexibility is another great benefit of Roll Call.  It offers flexible check-in options.  You can decide how you'd like to check-in families.
  • Use the keyboard or a touch screen monitor to type in the last name, last 4 of the phone number or a family number.  
  • You can also use a bar code scanner with a badge (printed from within Roll Call) or key tags that can be customized with their logo.  
  • If you really want to go high tech, you can use a biometric scanner (fingervein scanner).  
  • Once you've identified the family that is checking in, it’s just a matter of highlighting the children checking in… and the name tags and parent tag is printed out.  
  • With Mobile Check-in, you can even use an iPad, tablet or smart phone to check kids in.
As I mentioned earlier, security must be a top priority.  With Roll Call, you increase the security of your Children's Ministry area. 
  • Prints the name tags and parent tags.  
  • The child’s name tag can be printed with a random security number or family number on it.
  • You can choose what information you want printed on the tag, including allergy information.  Then the parent tag just has the security number on it.  
  • There is no other information about the children… so if the parent drops the tag… a stranger cannot pick up those children. 
Roll Call helps you effectively capture first-time guest information.  
  • Its super fast and easy to check visitors into the system.  
  • Since you’ll be gathering their contact information… it will be that much easier to follow up with them.  
  • Plus it will give them added confidence about leaving their children in your care.  They know that you take security very seriously. 
Tracking attendance is another big benefit of Roll Call. 
  • Attendance data is automatically recorded.  
  • When you check someone into a class or event, attendance is recorded.  
  • You can run all kinds of attendance statistics reports.  One of the nicest is the Absent/Present report.  It allows you to find folks that have not attended in a certain number of weeks… or those that have attended a certain number of times.  
You can download a free 30 day trial at this link.

Below is an informational videos about the software.  Check it out.  Roll Call may be just what you need to take your Children's Ministry to the next level.