Powerful You or Powerful Team?

Good leaders are powerful.  Great leaders are empowering.

Want to find out how you're doing as a leader?  This one question will give you the answer.

Ask your team...Which is more true...our leader is powerful or our team is powerful?

Here's some signs you are more powerful than you are empowering.
  • You do most of the talking at meetings while everyone else is quiet.
  • Your team is afraid to disagree with you.
  • You always make decisions by yourself.
  • Your idea always has to win.
  • You don't ask for feedback.
  • People can't make any decisions without "running it by you" first.
  • You like being in the spotlight more than you do putting your team in the spotlight.
  • You never hire anyone smarter or more skilled than you.
  • "I" is used a lot more than "we."
  • You constantly worry about "losing control."
  • You feel threatened when someone else on your team shines. 
  • You are quick to take the credit and slow to take the blame.
  • You become jealous when someone else is honored on your team.
Powerful leaders are stars.  Empowering leaders create stars.

Michael Jordan said it well..."Great players win games.  Great teams win championships."

So which is it?  Powerful you or powerful team?