20 Signs You May Be Oversaved

 You call everyone "brother" or "sister" at church instead of just using their first name.

When you receive recognition for an act of service, you get a pious look on your face and say, "It wasn't me...it was God.  I did it for His glory.  All the praise belongs to Him, not me."  (we know that, just say "thank you")

If a song at church doesn't match your taste in music, you think it's "worldly."

You don't think kids should laugh and have fun at church.

You think any church that is larger than yours must be "shallow."

You turn your personal preferences into commandments for others.

You pick a church based on whether or not they have kids memorize 20 verses of scripture each week.

You rant and rave against Harry Potter while watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Lord of the Rings.

You don't think kids should be allowed to play video games at church.

You think spending money on theming a children's environment is a waste of money.

You think the only way for kids to worship is with their parents in the "main" service.

You don't have a Christmas tree.

You think it's terrible to go trick or treating.

You think you are more spiritual than parents who have their kids in public or private schools.

You believe offering contests for kids are of the devil.

You are against using movie clips to illustrate Biblical truth.

You don't have any unsaved friends.

You think Easter egg hunts at church are evil.

You think Santa Clause is Satan Claus.

Reading this has irritated you.

The floor is yours. What do you think?  Agree?  Disagree?  What are some of other signs of being "oversaved?"