3 Questions Every New (and veteran) Children's Leader Should Ask

As a new leader, you feel the pressure to succeed.  So you may be tempted to come roaring in with all the answers.  After all, you need to show them who's boss, right?

Actually the best thing you can do is build trust.  And the best way to build trust is to LISTEN. 

Set up meetings as soon as you get started.  These can be one-on-one or in small gatherings.  Come ready to take notes.

Ask these 3 questions and then listen...intently.

“If you were put into my role tomorrow, what would be the first three things you’d do and why?”   

“What are the three biggest barriers to our ministry going to the next level?"

"What are our three biggest opportunities for our ministry?” 

Great leaders ask lots of questions.  They gather information and then sift through it for ideas that will move the ministry forward.

P.S. - Veteran leaders who remain effective continue asking questions.

The floor is yours.  What are some more questions you believe new leaders should ask?