Why People Mistrust You as a Children's Ministry Leader (and how to change it)

Fewer people trust you as a ministry leader.  But don't take it personal.  You're not alone.

A recent Gallup poll says Americans' rating of the honesty and ethics of the clergy has fallen to 47%, the first time this rating has dropped below 50% since Gallup first asked about the clergy in 1977.

Clergy have historically ranked near the top among professions on this measure, hitting a high rating of 67% in 1985.
Trend: The Clergy's Honesty and Ethical Standards
U.S. Views on Honesty and Ethical Standards in Professions, December 2013Whether we like it or not, financial improprieties, sexual misconduct, lying, poor business ethics, and other scandals perpetuated by Christian leaders cause a blemish on all of us.  And with the media saturated society we live in, bad news travels fast.

You can't control what other leaders do...but you can lead yourself well and maintain trust with those you influence directly.

In this post, I share16 ways you can maintain the trust of the people you lead and minister to.