#1 Way to Transform Your Children's Ministry

Ready to see your children's ministry transformed?

A transformed children's ministry comes from transformational leadership.  Transformational leadership is when a leader raises team members to higher levels of motivation and effectiveness.

Transformational leaders create an inspiring vision.  An inspiring vision comes from...
  • clarifying your purpose - why you do what you do
  • core values that the team will be committed to
  • creating a picture of what can be
  • communicating the vision
Transformational leaders motivate people to buy in and own the vision.
  • talk about the vision...often - remember vision leaks
  • tell the stories of kids and families who are being impacted by the vision
  • teamwork - show people the part they play in making the vision a reality
  • thank people on the team - encourage them, praise them, appreciate them
Transformational leaders develop plans to make the vision a reality.  They take the next step and deliver the vision.
  • lead through changes that need to be made
  • lay out goals that will take you to the vision
  • let people see your commitment and persistence to overcome difficulties and roadblocks
Tramsformational leaders build ever-stronger, trust-based relationships.
  • find out your team members' personalities, love languages, developmental needs and goals 
  • focus on helping them grow, meet their goals, and achieve their dreams
  • feedback - create a culture where feedback is not only received, but asked for
  • face-to-face, personal time with your team members
In conclusion...everything rises and falls on leadership.  The natural overflow of transformational leadership is a transformed children's ministry.