Feb 27, 2014

Where You Should Place The Oldest Kids in the Room

This is a picture of our Stuart Campus.  We currently meet in a high school while we are building a permanent facility.

At this campus, grades 1-5 meet together.  Notice where we place the 4-5th grade boys.  Front and center.

This is intentional.  Why?
  • Always target the oldest boy in the room when you teach and prepare programming.  Catch the 5th grade boy and you will engage all the kids.  Cool rolls down hill. 
  • Don't place older kids behind younger kids.  If older kids see younger kids in front of them, they will think "this is babyish."
  • Make the oldest kids the leaders.  This will bring engagement and ownership.  Get them on the praise team, let them be greeters, help take the offering, etc.
Still not convinced?  Here's a quote from the master at engaging kids...Walt Disney.

"We're not going to talk down to the kids.  Let's aim for the 12 year old.  The younger ones will watch, because they'll want to see what their older brothers and sisters are looking at."


We began doing this a year ago and it has made all the difference.

When the 5th grade is in the front, the 1st grade sees them and it's cool. When the 1st was in the front, the 5th grade saw them and it was not cool.

So, by changing the vantage point, we changed the entire dynamic of the environment.

The argument I hear against this sometimes is, "well, then the younger kids can't see". A simple, slightly elevated stage will fix that issue with minimal fuss.

Great points!
Now I just have to figure out how to organize seating since we have elevated risers...

Can you tell me where you got the tables in this picture?

Hi Missi,
These are the school lunch tables in the school we meet in. I am sure if you google school lunch tables you can find some. Blessings.

Missi Tolosa
you can find these tables on lakeshore.com their catalogs. Also try oriental tradings under classroom furniture.


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