"Game On" VBS Curriculum Giveaway - Enter Here to Win

Game On is a station based learning curriculum for VBS. Kids learn the same Bible story all day, experiencing it in different ways in each station. 

With 1/4 of your kids traveling through the stations, each leader will only need to prepare one 25 minute lesson and repeat it with all the kids at your VBS! 

Small groups called "Networks" will travel through all the levels of Game On each day! Kids will experience Daily themes and one weekly Bible verse passage: Romans 12:1-2. 

Day 1 Theme: "Loading..." - David is anointed King!
Kids will learn that they can learn and grow with enthusiasm, knowing that God has an awesome adventure planned for them! Kids will herd cotton ball sheep with candy canes, wait for reaction that will make a homemade lava lamp, and collect rings on the game floor! They'll also learn the "App" they can use to apply God's word is "Destiny". They can believe God has something planned for them! 

Day 2 Theme: "Defeat the Boss" - David faces Goliath!
Kids will face their fears through some amazing activities! They will discover that even something small can have a big reaction when they mix mints and diet soda! They will write down their own fears and knock them down with their faith. They will also serve those with courage through a service project! Their App of the day is "Courage"! They can apply courage to their life and destroy their fear!

Day 3 Theme: "No Cheat Codes" - David spares Sauls life!
Kids will learn the value of being true to righteousness, even when you might be tempted to seek revenge or do something wrong. Kids will take away jugs of water from the side of a sleepy Saul, have to maneuver a cardboard car obstacles course, and find just the right ingredient to make their vinegar overflow! They will apply the Bible with their daily "App", Integrity!

Day 4 Theme: "Giving God the Controller" - David dances like crazy!
Children will explore the true heart of worship, which is celebrating God by giving Him our hearts and lives- and ignoring all the critics! Kids will play fun games of freeze dance and dance their heart out to raise money for kids with club foot through CURE Intl.! They will also write down ways they can worship on a huge controller! They will be reminded that their "Worship" App can always be on! active!

Day 5 Theme: "+1: The Extra Life" - David believes Jesus will come; and He does!
Kids will learn all about the eternal life after this one that they will receive if they believe in God's power to forgive! They will stand on God's promises to get across their sin, play "upset" birds in real life, and make glow in the dark jars! Their app, "Believe", will help them trust in Jesus', wait for God's promises, and help them live for all eternity!

Game On VBS is a complete digital experience that comes with complete directing, teaching,and decorating guides and publicity resources all in PDF and eReader Format, as well as special PDF's for smart phones!  

The Digital Package includes ALL guides, resoucrces, videos, and handouts for Game On VBS! Everything you need. You can choose email delivery or create access the material in their library.

We are giving away a complete kit to one of our readers. You can enter the drawing by emailing dalehudsoncm2@gmail.com.  We will announce the winner next Monday, March 10.

You can also purchase the kit at this link.