Is a Child Ready to Begin a Relationship with Jesus? 3 Indicators to Watch For

One of the most exciting times for a parent is when their child starts asking questions about beginning a relationship with Jesus.

It can also be a challenging time as parents try to decide if their child is really ready to make this decision or not.  And many times they will come to you for help.

They will ask questions like...
"How old should my child be to make this decision?"
"How do I know if my child is ready or not?"
"Should I let them pray the prayer of salvation or have them wait?"

So how do you tell if a child is ready to begin a relationship with Jesus?  Here are 3 indicators I tell parents to watch for.

#1 - The child knows what sin is. 
Before a child (or anyone) can enter a relationship with Jesus, they must understand why they need a relationship with Jesus.  They must understand what sin is and that they have sinned.  If a child doesn't understand this, then they are not ready to step across the line of faith.

#2 - The child initiates the conversation on a regular basis. 
If a child continues to initiate conversations about accepting Jesus, then that is a good sign that God is working in the child's life.  The Holy Spirit convicts and draws people...including kids.  There is no "Jr. Holy Spirit."

#3 - The child knows they "need" to do this vs. the child "wanting" to do this. 
There is a difference.  There is a difference between "I want to do this because my friends are" or "I want to do this because it's fun" and "I need to make this decision" or " I need to do this because I want Jesus in my life."

What are some other indicators you watch for?
What do you tell parents who ask for help?

Share your thoughts, insight, and ideas in the comment section below.