Our Process for Kids' Baptism

It's important to have a clear process for children who want to be baptized.  Here is the process we follow.

Gospel is shared during weekend kids' service.
We consistently share the Gospel during the weekend services.

Kids who indicate they want to begin a relationship with Jesus are identified.
We ask them to raise their hands during a time of prayer.

Kids who raise their hand are invited to attend a one-session class with their parents. 
When their parents come to pick them up, we pull them aside and have a conversation with the child and his or her parents about the class.

Parents can sign up their child for the class. 

Parents attend the class with their child. 
No drop-offs. We believe it is vital that the parents be involved.

The Gospel and the meaning of baptism is clearly shared during the class. 

Parents are given the tools they need to lead their child to Christ. 

Follow-up conversation with parent and child to see if child has made a decision and is ready or not.

Parents can sign-up their child for an upcoming baptism opportunity. 

Child can be baptized at one of the following times:
  • during weekend service in main auditorium
  • at our Family Baptism Celebration which is held after a service
  • at one of our beach baptisms
Baptism certificate is given to family after the baptism

What is your process for kids being baptized? 

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.