Generation Z...How Technology is Helping and Hurting

Generation Z are kids born between between 1995 and 2009.   The older kids in this generation are now coming of age and preparing to enter college and the workforce.

As with any generation, they have their own unique characteristics.  Many of Generation Z's characteristics are tied to technology.
  • 60% of this generation like to share knowledge online, a sign of collaborative skills
  • 64% contribute to websites because they like learning about new things
  • 76% feel that online experiences help them reach goals
  • 66% say that technology makes them feel like anything is possible
Just as technology is helping generation Z, there are also ways it is hurting them.
  • Generation Z lacks the ability to effectively communicate ideas, share an opinion, or debate an issue. 
  • After spending the majority of their formative years in front of a computer this generation of employees are unfamiliar with collaborative teams, face-to-face discussions, and public speaking. 
  • Instant feedback and immediate response to inquiries also limits the coping skills of this generation to problem solve.
  • The skill to explore multiple solutions for a problem is not as mature in this generation as in previous generations.
  • Generation Z will want to be heard no matter how junior they are, and perhaps may have little tolerance for working with those who don’t share their views.
  • Generation Z may have less concern for responsibility, accountability and understanding of consequence.
These are good to keep in mind as you minister to the kids in your church.