20 Things Today's Kids Don't Know About

  1. Renting a VHS tape and getting ticked off because the previous person didn't rewind it.
  2. That video games can be fixed by just blowing into them.
  3. The frustration of driving to Blockbuster to rent the movie you want to see and finding out all the copies are rented out.
  4. That cell phones are the size of bricks.
  5. Not being able to walk around while you are on the phone because you are tied down by a cord.
  6. Having to look in a book to find out the answer to a question.
  7. Having to use a TV Guide to know what's on TV.
  8. Having to use a paper map to find a location.
  9. How to memorize a phone number.
  10. That having a pager makes you feel important.
  11. How awful it was when someone taped over a show you had recorded on your VHS tape.
  12. That cereal isn't cereal if it doesn't have a prize at the bottom.
  13. An annoying squealing sound when you connect to the internet.
  14. How to use a World Book Encyclopedia.
  15. Having a watch that is also a calculator.
  16. Having to wait for your favorite song to come on the radio.
  17. Saving information on a floppy disk.
  18. Using a phone booth.
  19. Getting up to change the TV station.
  20. Fixing a cassette tape with a pencil.
What else do they not know about?  Add to the fun by sharing below.