Do You Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Volunteers?

Volunteers are the heroes of children's ministry.  And heroes should be recognized, honored, and encouraged.

It's important to show your volunteers how much you appreciate them on a regular basis.  The week-by-week pats-on-the-back, thank you's, and encouragement notes are important.  Those little expressions of appreciation mean a lot.

But it's also important to "roll out the red carpet" occasionally and go all out to show your volunteers how much they mean to you.  This means hosting events in their honor such as cookouts, dinners, and parties.

Three times a year, we have a big event to celebrate our volunteers.  Last week, we literally "rolled out the red carpet" for them.  We honored them, celebrated them and had food for them.  Here's a video of some of the volunteers entering the event.


What do you do to show your volunteers how much they mean to you?  Share your ideas with us below in the comment section.