Why Facilitators Are More Effective Than Communicators

I love to hear a great communicator speak.  Someone who can move an audience, share a great truth, encourage, and inspire.

But...here's a reality that most communicators know in the back-of-their-mind, but don't want to think about.

No matter how great a communicator is...most of what he or she shares will be forgotten within hours...if not minutes.

And it has nothing to do with the communicator's skills and everything to do with how we are wired as human beings.

Truth gets placed in our long-term memory not by sitting and listening, but by discussing, engaging in hands-on activities, and sharing with our peers.
  • A communicator tells kids the truth...a facilitator helps kids experience the truth.
  • A communicator lectures...a facilitator listens.
  • A communicator does all the talking...a facilitator encourages the kids to do the talking.
  • A communicator demands attention...a facilitator demands action.
  • A communicator causes people to leave saying, "What a great speaker."  A facilitator causes people to leave saying, "What a great truth."
  • A communicator is in the foreground...a facilitator is in the background.
  • A communicator has everyone's eyes on him or her...a facilitator has everyone's eyes on each other.
  • A communicator engages 2 senses - seeing and hearing....a facilitator engages all senses.
  • A communicator hits one learning style...a faciliator hits all learning styles.
  • A communicator has a quiet classroom...a facilitator has a noisy classroom.
  • A communicator gives great answers...a facilitator asks great questions.
  • A communicator prepares great talks...a facilitator prepares great activities.
Do you want to place truth in kids' long-term memory?  Then shift from being a communicator to being a facilitator.