The Changing Definition of "Family"

Proponents of redefining family continue to push their agenda.

A new bill, passed by the California state assembly a few weeks ago, allows gay fathers and mothers to choose whether they want to identify themselves as “father,” “mother,” or just “parent” on a child’s birth certificate.  The bill is currently on its way to the state Senate.
“The definition of a family needs to be more flexible, and same-sex parents should not be discriminated against when filling out a birth certificate,” Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, a Democrat and the bill’s sponsor, said in a press release.  

But redefining the family will prove to be a huge disservice to the healthy development of children.  God's plan for the family is clearly defined in Scripture.  We must continue to hold up God's golden standard for the woman...for life.  

We must also continue to speak the truth in love...creating environments where everyone, no matter what their family makeup is, can come and find healing, forgiving, and restoration.