6 Learning Trends You Need to Know About

Learning trends for kids are shifting.  Here's 6 you need to know about if you want to be effective in teaching today's kids.

1. The student-centered learning experience.
The focus is shifting from the teacher to the students.  This is leading to more inquiry and experiential learning methods.

Takeaway:  Children's Ministries must shift from lecture-based to learner-based curriculum.

2. The soaring numbers of digital learners. 
The number of kids participating in classroom learning is shrinking while the number of kids learning online is growing.  In 2009 there were 450,000 online students.  Today there are nearly 4 million.

Takeaway:  Children's Ministries must think about providing online worship experiences and learning programs for kids.  The adult world has obviously done this with online worship services but the children's ministry world has yet to crack this. 

3.  Building higher order thinking skills – students are required to look at information more critically rather than just trying to memorize what is presented to them in class.

Takeaway:  Children's Ministries must teach beyond the facts and teach kids to evaluate, analyze, understand and apply truth. 

4. A personalized learning approach.

Takeaway:  Children's Ministries must teach using all learning styles.   Using only lecture-based teaching alienates a large percentage of kids.

5. Productive gamification.  Games are used to teach.

Takeaway:  Children's Ministries must continue to use games to help kids learn.

6. Students have personal access to mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and digital reading devices trump desktop.

Takeaway:  Children's Ministries must be willing to shift from print to digital including the Bible.