Hey Children's Ministry Leaders - Make it Fun!

Sometimes fun gets a bad rap when it comes to church.  You'll hear...

"Kids should learn to sit still and be quiet at church."

"Kids should have a sense of reverence when they enter the house of God."

"All they're doing is entertaining kids."

"Parents who ask their children if they had 'fun' at church today are shallow."

"It's contributing to the church consumerism mentality that permeates this generation."

99% of the time, these type statements come from churches that are dying or not reaching their communities.

My response - "Hey Children's Ministry Leaders - Make it FUN!"

Make sure you hear lots of laughter in the hallways.

Make sure you tell a joke or have a funny skit when you meet with your volunteers.

Make sure you incite laughter during your kid's services.

Make sure you tell a funny story when you're teaching.

Make sure you don't take yourself so seriously.

Make sure you pull practical jokes with your staff and volunteers occasionally.

Make sure your services intentionally contain elements that are meant to be funny.

Make sure you have a "party" atmosphere in your ministry.

Make sure you take time to celebrate the wins.

Make sure when parents pick up their children and ask, "Did you have fun today?" that the answer is "yes!"

Make sure you, as the leader, have fun!  You set the tone.  And if you're not naturally a person who likes to have fun, gather people around you who do know how to bring the fun factor.

Don't be discouraged by the "no fun" people.  Fun is good!