Jun 10, 2014

The Statement I Made In Children's Ministry for Years That Was Wrong

I made this statement for years in Children's Ministry.  You've probably heard it or said it as well.

"When the kids grow up and leave the ministry, they won't remember what you said, but they will remember that you were there and cared for them."

There's something wrong with this statement.  It implies that we are not effectively teaching God's Word in a manner that embeds the truth in kids' long-term memory.

Why don't kids remember what we taught them?  Here's some reasons...
  • We lectured instead of using learner-based teaching. 
  • We taught information without application.
  • We didn't use repetition.
  • We tried to teach too much instead of focusing on the basics.
  • We didn't connect the lesson to everyday objects that kids see.
  • We didn't create experiential learning moments.
  •  We didn't tell enough stories.
Yes, it's great that kids will remember we were there for them...but it's just as essential that God's Word is embedded in their long-term memroy.


I agree! It is important that we love and care for the kids in our care and I hope that they remember that. But it is also vital that the teach the truth of God's Word in such a way that it is remembered and applied! The goal of Bible study is changed lives. Let's teach in such a way that kids are drawn to God's Word and fall in love with Jesus...that's when their lives will be impacted !

Seems to me that the real issue is that kids are more likely to remember what we teach them when we have invested the time to build relationships with them. I remember things my friends and family told me because they are important to me, not necessarily because the information is important to me. Likewise, some 25+ years later, I remember things taught to me in school not by teachers who were necessarily good or innovated in how they taught but who had an impact on me personally. Relationship if key. I think that's good theology. :)

Amen...I've been looking for Kids Church material for K-2nd all day. Just went through a big name material and I kept a list of the reasons that I didn't want to use it:
1) It teaches Bible 'story' but without the application
2) There was ONLY 1 segment of the morning that was interactive (the rest was monologue teaching from the front). and
3)...well, I'll stop there.
Needless to say...if you have a great idea for a K-2nd kids worship...I have until Monday to find the perfect HIGHLY interactive, Biblically based, engaging curriculum.

Great post Dale! Sounds a lot like R.E.A.L. learning! :)
Patrick, I highly recommend Group's Hands-On Worship http://www.group.com/sunday-school/handson-worship
Group's KidsOwn Worship

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