The Statement I Made In Children's Ministry for Years That Was Wrong

I made this statement for years in Children's Ministry.  You've probably heard it or said it as well.

"When the kids grow up and leave the ministry, they won't remember what you said, but they will remember that you were there and cared for them."

There's something wrong with this statement.  It implies that we are not effectively teaching God's Word in a manner that embeds the truth in kids' long-term memory.

Why don't kids remember what we taught them?  Here's some reasons...
  • We lectured instead of using learner-based teaching. 
  • We taught information without application.
  • We didn't use repetition.
  • We tried to teach too much instead of focusing on the basics.
  • We didn't connect the lesson to everyday objects that kids see.
  • We didn't create experiential learning moments.
  •  We didn't tell enough stories.
Yes, it's great that kids will remember we were there for them...but it's just as essential that God's Word is embedded in their long-term memroy.