5 Reasons You're Not Delegating (and how to get over it)

Delegation is a vital part of being a good Children's Ministry Leader.  But that's easier said than done at times.

Here's five reasons why leaders don't delegate (and how to get over it).

 “It will be quicker if I just do it myself."
Yes, maybe this time, but not if you take the long look.  When you make time to train others, you multiple yourself.  The time you spend training someone will be multiplied many times over.

"I'm afraid I'll be left out of the loop."
It can be hard to give up areas of responsibility...especially the ones you excel at.  You have to move from being a specialist to a generalist.  But as you use your expertise to guide those you are training, you will find the 30,000 ft. view is adequate.

"They won't do it the right way."
Learn to communicate the level of quality you expect but don't try to control how the task is done.  There is probably more than one way to do the task...and theirs may even be more efficient and effective. 

"They can't do it as well as I can."
Even if they can't...sometimes 85% is good enough.  The extra 15% that you won't give up may not be as critical as you think it is.

"It's my baby.  I don't want to give it up."
You have to be willing to give up responsibilities that other people can do so you can focus on what only you can do.  You have to give up to go up.  Your "baby" is hindering you from getting to the next level in your leadership. 

What are you hanging onto that you need to delegate?  Let it go.