10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Volunteers

Great leaders ask questions.  Lots of questions.

Here's 10 questions you should be asking your volunteers.

1.  If you could serve anywhere in the church...what would be your dream job?  This helps you discover what they are really passionate about and where they really want to serve.  This allows you to place them in their sweet spot in ministry.

2.  How can I pray for you?  This lets your volunteers know you care about them as a person versus just caring about what they can do for the ministry.  

3.  What can we improve?  Want to make your ministry better?  Ask your volunteers.

4.  Do you understand the job description?  Have a job description for each role in your ministry.  Go over if with your volunteers before they start serving.  Make sure it contains what the "wins" are for the role

5.  Are you still happy and thriving where you're serving?  Sometimes volunteers need a new challenge.  Sometimes they are ready to take on more responsibility.  Sometimes they thought an area was their sweet spot, but then realize it is not once they start serving.  Ask them the question one month after they start serving.

6.  Have you developed a friendship with the people you are serving with?  Volunteers stay because of relationships.  Find out if they are building relationships with the people they are serving with.

7.  Are you attending the adult service?  It's vital that your volunteers serve from the overflow.  Make sure they're attending the adult service and are engaged in the big picture of the church.

8.  What areas of your ministry do you want to grow in?  This question will give you insight into specific areas they need training in.
9.  Is the lesson engaging the kids?  Want to find out if the kids are connecting with the lesson?  Ask your volunteers.  They are right there with the kids.

10.  How has God been working in your life recently?  This will help you determine if they are growing in their faith.

What other questions do you ask your volunteers?  Share them with us in the comment section below.