Jul 17, 2014

Should Christian Kids Attend Public Schools?

Should Christian kids attend public schools?  It's a question many parents struggle with.

Let's hear from both sides.

Why you should send your kids to a Christian school or Home school.

1. God's Word is taught.

2. The beginning of wisdom is God.

3. It reinforces your values.

4. Safer environment.

5. Solid academics.

6. Teachers who love God.

7. Better teacher-to-student ratios.

8. Not as much peer pressure to do wrong.

Why you should send your kids to a pubic school...

1. Quality of teachers.

2. Christian schools have negative influences and "problem kids" just like public schools.

3. Influence kids and parents who don't know Christ. (outreach)

4. Not affordable for many parents.

What do you think?  Should Christian parents send their kids to public schools?  Yes or no?  Why or why not?  Weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section below.


Another pro to attend public school would be to interact with people who have different opinions, views, or lives than you do. They also will have the opportunity to make good decisions now, before they leave for college or the real world, because college and life has many temptations. A pro to private school might be that you will know the families of the kids you interact with better (I am thinking about the sleepover debate, but this many not always be the case.)

Great thoughts Katie. I've seen kids who attend public school who are on fire for God and kids who attend Christian school not on fire. And visa versa.

Well coming from a parent who had a child in both a private and public school I was faced with pros and cons of each! The classes were smaller making it possible for teachers to interact with the students on a one to one level. They were taught Christian values in virtually every subject and I didn't worry about my son being picked on for his stuttering problem. I don't think he missed out on any programs such as sports but since the school he went to was so small some kids did miss out on those type of programs. The son that went to a public school seems to be more outgoing and faces challenges easier. As far as teachers not being able to express their Christian beliefs I am back in school pursuing my teaching degree and there is no way that I am going to back off from those beliefs we live in a lost and dying world and there are teachers I know personally who feel the same true they may not be able to teach it but they can and do live it! I guess we can always find good and bad in anything but we have to make the choice to see which is more prevalent.

Thanks for sharing Theresa. I know lots of teachers in public schools who are making a big impact for Christ. We are called to go into the world...not retreat from it. I pray God's blessings on your life as you pursue your calling.

My sons (16) have always been in public school. Now that they are in high school they have developed a close-knit group of Christian friends from multiple churches as well as unchurched friends. Their faith has been tested and strengthened as they come in contact with so many worldly influences. Their questions for my husband and I have sent us diving into our Bibles for Godly answers. I've always felt that if all the Christian kids went to Christian schools or were homeschooled (and I have absolute respect for both of these choices!) then the public schools would be even more challenging than they are now.

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