Should Christian Kids Attend Public Schools?

Should Christian kids attend public schools?  It's a question many parents struggle with.

Let's hear from both sides.

Why you should send your kids to a Christian school or Home school.

1. God's Word is taught.

2. The beginning of wisdom is God.

3. It reinforces your values.

4. Safer environment.

5. Solid academics.

6. Teachers who love God.

7. Better teacher-to-student ratios.

8. Not as much peer pressure to do wrong.

Why you should send your kids to a pubic school...

1. Quality of teachers.

2. Christian schools have negative influences and "problem kids" just like public schools.

3. Influence kids and parents who don't know Christ. (outreach)

4. Not affordable for many parents.

What do you think?  Should Christian parents send their kids to public schools?  Yes or no?  Why or why not?  Weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section below.