3 Ways to Contact Parents During a Service

Everything is going smoothly during the service and then it happens.

A 6 month old begins to cry uncontrollably and you can't calm him down.  A preschooler begins to cry for her mom and won't stop.  A 3rd grader throws up.  A pre-teen gets their finger caught in a door.

Time to contact a parent.  How do you do that?  Here's some options we use.

Text.  Take down the parent's cell phone number and let them know you will text them if needed.

Number on screen.  You can put the security tag number on the auditorium screen.

Pager.  Provide the parent with a pager.  This is especially helpful for guest families.  It gives them an added sense of security.

When should you contact the parents?  Read the article at this link for more information.