The Best Length for Tweets (and other forms of coummunication)

Technology has brought us lots of great ways to communicate with parents and volunteers.

A key to good communication in today's culture is SHORT & SWEET.  If it's too long, people will zone out on you and move on.

So what's the ideal length?  Here's what's recommended for creating communication that actually gets read.

Headline: 6-8 words, 55 characters

Blog post: 1500-1600 words

Email subject line: 50 characters

Facebook post: 100-140 characters

Google+ headline: 60 characters max

Podcast: 22 minutes

Presentation: 18 minutes

Tweet: 120-130 characters

Webinar: 15-20 minutes

YouTube video: 3-3.5 minutes

Remember...the average person is inundated with over 230 messages every day.  If you want your communication to rise above the noise, then keep it simple and short.