It Takes People

Disney World is the number #1 family vacation destination in the world.  It has incredible rides, shows, attractions, restaurants, parades, music, fireworks and more. 

All of this adds to the magic, but there is one key that makes it such a special place for families.  It’s the Cast Members…the people who work there…that make Disney World the “happiest place on earth.” 

Walt Disney knew this.  He said, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But IT TAKES PEOPLE to make the dream a reality.”

He was so right.  You can have the coolest buildings, the most engaging curriculum, the biggest budget and the best staff…but without people volunteering all you have is an empty shell. 

It takes people…so make enlisting people your priority.  The success of your ministry depends on it.  The best place you can spend your time and energy is bringing people on your team.

It takes people…so make equipping people your passion.  Shift your passion from “doing” the work of the ministry to “equipping” others to do the work of the ministry. 

It takes people…so make encouraging people your plan.  If you want to keep people on your team, then you’ve got to encourage them.  Plan for it.  Remind yourself to say “thank you for serving and making a difference” every week.  Put appreciation events on your calendar.

It takes people…so make empowering people your pathway.  Create a pathway that gives volunteers the opportunity to grow as leaders and take on more responsibility as faithfully serve.

Jesus said the fields are ripe for harvest.  He went on to tell us to ask God for people to serve in those fields.  It…takes…people.  Praying with you for God to send people to serve in your ministry.