Want to Connect with Parents? Try This

How do you connect effectively with parents?

You reach out to them through the device they have in their hands the majority of the time.


Today's young parents are digitally connected, with 77% owning a smartphone.  They spend 9.5 hours a day texting, talking and accessing social media on their smartphones.

They spend so much time on their smartphones that they account for 41%of the total time that Americans spend using smartphones, despite making up just 29% of the population.

50% of young parents say that they access the Internet more often through their phone than through a computer.  Mobile is their primary channel of choice.

Some ways you can connect with parents through their mobile device are...
  • Text them - I talk more about this here.  We currently connect with over 2,000 parents every week using text messages.  The open rate is 98%!
  • Send them links to event sign ups, online resources, parent websites, etc.
  • Call them.  Keep a data base of parent's cell phone numbers.  It's always the best number to call if you want to reach them.
How do you connect with a parents through their mobile device?  Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.