Yes...You Can Be a Pro at Speaking to Kids

Have you ever watched someone who can capture kids' attention and draw them into the lesson?

Not that person?  You can be.  It just takes a few key elements.  Use these and you'll become a pro at speaking to kids.

Get excited about the lesson.  The kids will get excited when they see you excited about what you're teaching.

Vary your voice level from loud to a whisper.  Imagine yourself in the story you're sharing.  Describe what you're seeing, what you're hearing, and what God is doing.  

Kids love to laugh.  Have fun.  Tell jokes.  Bring humor into your teaching. 

Create simple slides to go along with your lesson.  Use lots of pictures and keep the text to a minimum.  Kids hear with their eyes.  

Keep it Short
Kids have short attention spans. (adults do too - they just hide it better) Keep your lesson to 10 minutes or less.

What are some other tips for speaking to kids?  Share them with us in the comment below.